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Hand holding pencil surrounded by receipts and a calculatorWith the wrap-up of the income tax filing season and Money Smart Week running April 18 – 25, now is a great time to revisit (or introduce yourself to) some basic personal financial topics. Below are online tools that can help guide and improve your financial decision-making skills.

MyMoney.gov organizes information under the easy-to-use My Money Five categories:

  1. Earn – Understand how pay and benefits work
  2. Save – Set money aside for both short- and long-term goals
  3. Protect – Protect yourself against identify theft, fraud and scams
  4. Borrow – Track your borrowing habits and better understand your credit score
  5. Spend – Make a budget and learn to live within your means

There is also a Life Events area covering areas like having a child, owning a home, starting a business and dealing with the death of a family member.

After you check out the resources on the site, be sure to test your knowledge by taking some of the money quizzes.

Because you are never too young to be money smart, be sure to introduce your children to the games, fun activities, websites, video games and information about money for kids and youth.

Another useful government website is the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Information portal. Best know as the place to register for the Do Not Call list, you’ll also find a Money & Credit section with tips on buying a car, dealing with debt and shopping for a loan. There is also a convenient list of links for you to file a customer complaint, report identity theft or request a free credit report.

If you’re a teacher and/or parent, the Federal Reserve Education site has loads of interactive games, videos and lessons that you can sort by grade level.

For more government information and services related to financial literacy and well-being, check out the USA.gov website, specifically, Help for Difficult Financial Times.

For additional personal finance e-resources, visit the library’s Business & Personal Finance Resources page.

Alison, Electronic Resources Librarian, Warrenton central library

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