Staff Picks: A Time of Renewal

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Spring RenewalPop, pop, pop…bursts revealing spring’s arrival. Flower and tree buds leave behind the darkness of winter, each pushing its way into a new life full of color and warmth.

As we welcome the renewal that comes with this change of season, we invite you to dig into the Warrenton circulation staff’s spring picks.

Donna, Circulation Clerk, Warrenton central library

Five-plant Gardens: 52 Ways to Grow a Perennial Garden with Just Five Plants  by Nancy Ondra

After the long, tough winter we’ve had, I’m anxious to get back outside and into my garden.  This year I’m especially excited to try some of the plans laid out in Nancy Ondra’s “Five – Plant Gardens.” Ondra presents garden plans – each using just five perennial species – designed to suit dozens of needs and styles, and then provides the reader with a shopping list to make that plan a reality.  Don’t like one of the suggested plantings? Check out the ‘Digging Deeper’ section of each plan for more options.  My two favorite things about “Five – Plant Gardens?” All the plant suggestions are perennials so there’s no need to spend lots of money on new plants each year.  Plus, the book is split into plans for sunny spots versus shady ones, so you’re bound to find a combination that’s right for you.  Ok, enough writing, time to get planting!

Frances, Circulation Clerk, Warrenton central library

Paying for College Without Going Broke by Kalman A Chany

If you’re like me, you have a child or two in college or on the verge.  This book was the most helpful as far as planning the finances for that rather large investment. It includes step by step instructions on how to fill out the all important and dauntingly difficult FAFSA as well as strategies for saving money in the process.  I highly recommend reading this two years or more prior to your child’s college entrance!

Jackie, Circulation Clerk, Warrenton central library

A Loss for Words:  the A Story of Deafness in a Family by Lou Ann Walker

I enjoyed reading this true story of a girl with normal hearing ability growing up with deaf parents. She has a typical suburban life, yet unique challenges to face as she and her sisters learn to communicate to their parents through American Sign Language. The school years, dating, going off to college, getting married, as well as becoming an interpreter for deaf inmates in the New York legal system are some of the experiences the author shares. This heart-warming book focuses on the value of family, and doing what you can for those you love. I recommend it!

Carol, Circulation Clerk, Warrenton central library

Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper

This book was recommended to me by my middle school daughter who said that the book made her look at people with special needs in a whole new way.  It is the story of a young girl, named Melody, with Cerebral Palsy and unable to speak, transitioning from the special education classroom into the regular classroom.  The author does an amazing job telling the story as a narrative from Melody’s perspective.   Melody experiences ignorance and hate from students and adults.  But with the help of her family and a few close friends, lives a life full of heartache and hope.  Her physical challenges enhance her other senses and the author does a wonderful job painting the picture in our minds.  This was a well-written story that grabs you right from the beginning.

Lynne, Circulation Clerk, Warrenton central library

The Peppered Moth by Margaret Drabble

This story explores the way the past and tradition sometimes hold us in roles that are prescribed for us by family or education, while others of us are able to break free to live in and explore other worlds.  Is it in our DNA or are there other causes? This was a thought-provoking read.

Muriel, Library Associate, Warrenton central library

Looking for more book lists and staff suggestions? Stop by the reference desk at your local library. For online book lists published prior to January 2015, visit Book Notes, our blog all about books.

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