You’ll find a Different Kind of Easter Egg at Your Library

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130330-F-KB862-111It’s that time of year again.  Easter is just around the corner and soon kids will be hunting for the brightly-colored plastic eggs scattered across lawns all over the nation. Thrills of delight mark the opening – when a fun surprise is found inside.

But did you know you can find Easter eggs at the library all year long?  DVD Easter eggs – those little cinematic gems hidden on discs – can be found on dozens of movies at the library.  Here are some of our favorites and how to find them. You’re sure to be thrilled – and surprised – by what you find inside.

Ratatouille – On the main menu, you’ll see a rat that pops up behind two pots.  When the rat appears behind one of these pots, use your remote control’s arrow buttons to select it and press enter. Each pot will play a different clip. Once you’ve found these, keep searching there are more to be found!

Help – Beatlemania never really went away, right? If you’re a fan of the Beatles, then you’re sure to enjoy the radio promos hidden on these discs. From the disc one main menu, highlight ‘Play’ then arrow up to highlight John and press enter. There are four promos on the first disc and two more on the second.

Troy – This is one of the shortest Easter eggs on the list, but it’s also one of the funniest. From the disc two main menu, highlight ‘In the Thick of the Battle.’ Then arrow right to highlight a plank on the horse and press enter.

Vertigo – Did you know Alfred Hitchcock had to film an alternate ending to this classic for the foreign markets?  Find it by selecting ‘Obsessed with Vertigo.’ After the documentary you’ll be treated to two “Vertigo” trailers and the alternate ending. Then, arrow right and you’ll find hundreds of storyboards, photos and sketches.

The Matrix – Unsurprisingly, “The Matrix” is packed with hidden Easter Eggs.  To find our favorite, go to ‘Special Features’ and select ‘Cast and Crew.’  Next choose ‘Written and Directed by the Wachouski Brothers,’ then arrow up to highlight the red pill and press enter.

There’s lots to discover in the library’s DVD collection, so grab your remote and let the hunt begin!

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