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stack of booksThe Great Books Discussion Group started 2015 with a reading by Ernest Hemingway. “Indian Camp” is a story of a boy’s visit to an Indian camp with his doctor father who has been called to help a woman in labor. They boy witnesses the drama of his father at work and the harsh lives of the people, as well as their socials interactions in the camp, and a suicide of the new baby’s father. The boy also observes the beauty of the natural world within which all this takes place.

The group discussion led to questions about whether the doctor is a man who loves his son, and if the doctor was loving in his treatment of the Indian woman while she was giving birth. The group agreed that there is human bite in this story, literally and metaphorically.

In February our Great Books Discussion group read and discussed “The Diver” by V. S. Pritchett.  This is a coming-of-age story about a poor young English writer living and working in a leather shop in Paris.  It recounts the circumstances, including the writer’s fall into the Seine, surrounding the moment when he is finally able to tell a story and register the effect it has upon his listener.

The group discussed how the boy endures the ribbing he gets from his co-workers and the role this might play in the life of the imagination, for him and for them.  There is a little skin off everyone in this story but these skins continue to have value, if they can be salvaged.

Jeanne, Great Books Discussion leader, Warrenton central library 

Gimpel the Fool

The Great Books Discussion Group meets the first Monday of each month, (unless Monday, is a holiday) at 7 p.m.  Please join us March 2 at 7 p.m. as the Great Books Discussion Group reads Gimpel the Fool, by Isaac Bashevis Singer.

If you would like more information about the Great Books Discussion Group, check out our Reading Page or stop by the adult reference desk for additional information.

Jody, Adult Reference, Warrenton central library

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