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10 Tools to Combat Holiday Stress

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Holidays conjure up visions of family get-togethers and office parties, piles of presents under the tree, and cookies baking in the oven.  These same things can also be at the root of holiday stress.  You can, however, combat the stress and put the “ho ho ho” back in the holiday.

Say No
Without thinking, we readily agree to bake cookies for the office party, spend every free moment shopping for the perfect gift and attend every holiday soiree on the calendar.  Experts agree that saying no can be a holiday sanity-saver. “Take care of yourself by saying no to at least one – and maybe more,” urges George Pratt, PhD and psychologist at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla.  Instead, make workouts, book clubs and other regular activities you enjoy a priority, and don’t overbook your holiday calendar with extra activities.

Turn Off Your Phone and Turn Up The Music
The constant distraction of cell phone rings, email alerts and text messages – which likely increase around the holidays – can be exhausting and increase stress levels.  However, research at the University of Maryland has shown that listening to music can be calming, relaxing blood vessels and increasing blood flow.  Try turning off your phone during holiday gatherings and turn up the music instead.

Visit Your Local Library
Yes, libraries are a haven of calm, but a pre-holiday visit to the library can also arm you with tools to fight the holiday frenzy.  The following are 10 stress-beating resources you will find at your local Fauquier County Public Library.  Search our online catalog for additional resources, or stop by the reference desk on your next visit.

  1. Aromatherapy (*Universal Class)
  2. Chakras 1010 (*Universal Class)
  3. The Fine Arts of Relaxation, Concentration & Meditation: ancient skills for modern minds by Joel & Michelle LeveyBook Cover of The Fine Arts of Relaxation, Concentration and Meditation
  4. In This Moment: five steps to transcending stress using mindfulness and neuroscience by Kirk D Strosahl and Patricia J Robinson
  5. Meditation for Beginners: techniques for awareness, mindfulness & relaxation by Stephanie Clement
  6. Overload: how to unplug, unwind, and unleash yourself from the pressure of stress by Joyce Meyer
  7. The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook by Martha Davis
  8. A Simplified Life: tactical tools for intentional living by Emily Ley
  9. Stress Less, Achieve More: simple ways to turn pressure into a positive force in your life [electronic resource] by Aimee Bernstein
  10. Yoga 101 (*Universal Class)

*Universal Class is an online database of courses available free to library patrons (valid library card is required) which include streaming video, insightful instructional content and helpful tutors. Classes are self-paced and available 24/7.  Courses are compatible with both PCs and Macs and are Android and iOS friendly.  To browse the course catalog, go to https://fauquierva.universalclass.com.

Lisa Pavlock, Public Information Coordinator, Fauquier County Public Library

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